Advanced Diploma in Cricket Management

Cricket is more than a sport; it is a big business and Quick Start your sporty career with our world-class skill development certification courses. Join today.

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January 3, 2024
6 months


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Cricket is more than a sport; it is a big business

Cricket has evolved from a strictly amateur game into a multi-billion dollar industry that is starting to grow exponentially as the developing world embraces the sport. The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has an annual turnover of more than £100 million (Dh560.7m). But, according to the brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance, the Indian Premier League (IPL) had a value of US$2.99 billion last year.

Cricket is the 2nd Most Popular Sport in the World with 2-3 billion fans and the most popular in India. Cricket has three different formats i.e. Test, ODIs and T20. Since the introduction of the T20 format, the popularity of cricket has been increasing drastically. Cricket is very popular in India, Pakistan, Australia, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

The fan base of Cricket is limited to some countries. It is not a major sport in the US, most of Europe and Africa. However, some of the biggest countries in the world play this sport. Overall, with about 2 to 3 billion fans, cricket has the 2nd highest number of fans in the world.

India is the most prominent country in cricket. Cricket is the first sport that brought professionalism to Indian sports. Cricket offers abundant career opportunities apart from professional players and coaches. These opportunities include officials, organizers, managers, cricket gear manufacturing, cricket turf making etc.

Advanced Diploma in Cricket Management (ADCM) is a world-class intensive sports management training programme specialized in cricket. It prepares a hardcore cricket lover for many amazing jobs related to cricket game and the cricket business.

ADCM helps players, coaches and match officials to understand professionalism and to acquire dynamic skills essential to succeed in their roles in different formats of cricket. The course focuses on confidence-building activities which are crucial for top performance as a player. This programme will also help umpires to succeed in their career with acquired qualities like conviction, confidence, consistency and competence.

The course is suitable for

  • Cricket enthusiasts who are looking for a sporty career in the Cricket game or cricket business
  • Cricket Players, who are looking for professional opportunities can learn player management basics and can develop skills like courage, consistency, passion, integrity and speed.
  • Cricket Officials such as umpires, scorers etc
  • Cricket management professionals like organizers and others


+2 and above


6 months


Ernakulam & Hybrid

Course Outline

  • Origin & Development of Cricket includes different formats, evolutions and revolutions, future of cricket etc
  • Cricket Language includes Cricket Statistics, cricket commentary, cricket journalism & cricket writing
  • Cricket Management includes game management, academy management, player management etc
  • Cricket Infrastructure & Cricket Equipment Management includes stadium management, pitch management, practising grounds management, cricket gears care etc
  • Cricket Business Models include professional tournaments, leagues, collegiate cricket, leisure cricket etc.
  • Sports Psychology includes player psychology and fans psychology
  • Performance Management includes sports nutrition and injury prevention and management
  • Sports Analytics includes various performance analytics tools in cricket
  • Cricket Law includes general sports laws, cricket rules and regulations, umpiring etc
  • Cricket Marketing including digital and social marketing

(Contents of the programme may change frequently due to our Quality Policy and Research process in order to make the course best suited to the industry demands)


Assessment is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. We are following a continuous assessment system to ensure maximum learning effectiveness. The assessment objectives are classified into 1) Knowledge and Understanding, 2) Application of the concepts learned and 3) Performing skills. The theory is assessed continuously by a mixture of assessment strategies including essays, examinations, reports, portfolios and seminars. The practice is verified by your mentor and assessed through coursework. The assessment methods may change subject by subject.


Recently, SMRI has developed FORMULA EX, the unique pedagogy by combining LEARN – PLAY – WORK – INVENT, the basic foundation of FORMULA 1 RACING. SMRI’s Pedagogy Development Team which includes Industry Experts, Subject Experts, Instruction Designers, Teachers and Alumni has successfully integrated the 4 elements of FORMULA 1 into SMRI’s academic system and developed the trial version of FORMULA EX in 2018. After trials and errors, SMRI developed new pedagogy named ‘FORMULA EX’ (Formula for Excellence) in November 2019 and implemented it for the 2020 January batch.

Certification Requirements

  1. Completion of all subjects
  2. 85% attendance
  3. 50% marks in theory exams and 60% in practical exams
  4. Must have completed 100% coursework
  5. Successful completion of the internship
  6. Adherence to SMRI norms, guidelines and deadlines

Fee & Other Details

Please contact our Learning Manager @ +91 8891675259

Cricket is more than a sport; it is a big business and Quick Start your sporty career with our world-class skill development certification courses. Join today.

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