Executive Diploma in Sports Management

Make the right career shift now! Quick Start your sporty career with our world-class skill development certification courses. Join today.

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January 3, 2024
8 months


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Sports Management

Make the right career shift now!

Are you working in the sports industry or working in any other industry looking for a career change to the sports industry? 

Change your career gear with our Executive Diploma in Sports Management (EDSM).

The sports industry is a rapidly growing industry. It offers fun, friends, fitness, fame and fortune. Executive Diploma in Sports Management (EDSM) equips you to grow fast in the sports industry. If you are already working in the Sports industry EDSM will give you extra mileage to conquer career heights in a limited time frame. If you are working in any other industry and looking for a great career in the sports industry, it will help you to quickstart your sporty career.

Passion for sports is not enough to succeed in the sports business. The sports business is complex in many ways and competent professionals are essential to drive the sports business. Sports Management knowledge is a must to succeed in a sports career. Executive Diploma in Sports Management (EDSM) is exclusively designed and developed by our instructional designers by considering the busy work life of working professionals. Even though EDSM follows a very simple and easy learning methodology, it ensures that you get the right Knowledge, Skills, Ability, Aptitude and Attitude (KSA3) essential to succeed and excel in the sports industry. The major feature of EDSM is that it helps the aspirants climb the career ladders easily to reach the top levels of the industry. EDSM is one of the best investments you can make for a successful life.



  1. Simplified learning
  2. Based on Adult learning principles
  3. Just 15% Classrooms, Just 15 % textbooks and the remaining 70% include a lot of interesting learning elements, which will help you to celebrate learning every day
  4. Flexi Classroom
  5. Dynamic Curriculum



Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) offers lifelong career support to help you to reach the highest career levels in the sports industry. Our support includes

  1. Career Planning- Helping you to plan your career well in advance by scientifically analyzing the best career roles for you
  2. Profile Building- Support to create your professional career profile to survive, succeed and excel in the sports industry
  3. Placement Support- Support to get the best jobs
  4. Post-Placement Support- Support to settle down in your new job and quick start your performance
  5. Career Enhancement Support- Support to climb the ladder of corporate achievements

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  • EDSM 101 Fundamentals of Sports Management
  • EDSM 102 Sports Marketing and Retailing
  • EDSM 103 Sports Finance and Funding
  • EDSM 104 Sports Analytics
  • EDSM 105 Sports Media and Aesthetics
  • EDSM 106 Sports Engineering and Facility Management
  • EDSM 107 Sports Law and Sports Properties Management
  • EDSM 108 Sports Business Models

(Contents of the programme may change frequently due to our Quality Policy and Research process in order to make the course best suit to the industry demands)


Please contact our Learning Manager @ +91 8891675259


1) Professionals who already work in the sports industry

2) Those who work in any other industry with a minimum of 2 years of experience.



8 months


Make the right career shift now! Quick Start your sporty career with our world-class skill development certification courses. Join today.



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