Sports and Management Research Institute (SMRI) is a premier sports education and research organization that offers world-class education, training, propaganda and consultancy in different domains of sports such as Sports Management, Sports Engineering, Sports Science, Sports Coaching and Sports Culture. Established with the objective of “Making India a Sports Superpower”, SMRI supports people and organizations beyond Indian boundaries to excel in sports. SMRI strongly believes in the power of sports to transform lives and economies. As many of us think, sports is not just a few minutes of entertainment or winning a few medals. For us, sports is a fast-growing and sustainable industry that can create ample employment opportunities and revenue for economies. Sports gives employment, entertainment, earnings, empowerment, engagement, exercise and education. We focus on helping countries build strong and sustainable sports ecosystems through new knowledge and well-trained sports professionals.

SMRI is like a FORMULA 1 racing team. FORMULA 1 is the playground of the world’s fastest cars and we are inspired by the many great features of FORMULA 1, especially continuous improvement. Recently, we developed FORMULA EX, the unique pedagogy by combining LEARN – PLAY – WORK – INVENT, the basic foundation of FORMULA 1 RACING. Like a Formula 1 team factory that moulds the world’s best drivers and cars, SMRI is a workplace that moulds the world’s best sports professionals.


The Story of SMRI (Sports and Management Research Institute) begins with 10 questions, which never allowed the founders of SMRI to sleep. These questions become their dreams and these dreams set their way.



Organizational Vision

Being the best Sports Institute in the world 

Social Vision

Making India Sports Superpower