Advanced Diploma in Sports Engineering

Sports perfectly blended with Engineering. Quick Start your sporty career with our world-class skill development certification courses. Join today.

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January 3, 2024
8 months


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Sports Engineering

Sports perfectly blended with Engineering

As The Economic Times reports, ‘A million engineers in India struggling to get placed in an extremely challenging market.’ But SMRI bring Sports Engineering as a value-added course for engineers to quick start their career

Sports Engineering is a growing technology-based sector, which supports and augments the growth of sports. In India, Sports Engineering is going to create numerous business opportunities and employment opportunities. The Sports Engineering course of SMRI promises the engineering graduates a promising career.

The Advanced Diploma in Sports Engineering (ADSE) programme is intended for students wishing to pursue a career in the expanding sports-related industry sector. The courses are broad-based and cover Sports Science, Design, Technology, and Engineering Science.

Advanced Diploma in Sports Engineering (ADSE)  Program aims to provide you with an in-depth understanding of scientific and engineering disciplines related to the holistic context of modern sports technology, such as mechanical, materials, manufacturing, aerospace, electrical, chemical, biomedical and construction engineering, sports science, business, textile technology, media studies and mathematics.

This program is specifically tailored for you to understand, and take the lead in, the sports industry or sports organisations in a global context. It prepares you directly for joining the global sports industry and international sports organisations, by exposing you to problem-solving, product innovation and hands-on experience in various areas of sports technology. This distinguishes the Certified Sports Engineer programme from traditional undergraduate sports engineering courses, which are focused on engineering theory and show the application to sports only by example.

The program structure will provide learning experiences for you to acquire and apply the critical knowledge of sports equipment design and development and concepts across core disciplines of sports technology.

The program is purposely international in character as it aims to provide you with advanced technical and generic capabilities which will enhance your chances of employment in the global sports industry.


Any Engineering degree/Engineering Students


6-8 months


Ernakulam & Hybrid

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Sports Engineering
  • Sports Biomechanics
  • Sports facility management
  • Origin of Sports and Sports Innovation
  • Sports Engineering Research
  • Mechanics of Sports Equipment
    Industry-linked research project

(Contents of the programme may change frequently due to our Quality Policy and Research process in order to make the course best suited to the industry demands)


Modules are supported by extensive practical sessions, project work and computer workshops. The emphasis is placed on increasing your independence and encouraging you to develop your practical skills while taking part in various activities. You will be exposed to all aspects of sports engineering.

Career Opportunities

Sports Facility Manager, Athletic Equipment Manager, Materials Engineer in Sports, Manufacturing Systems Engineer in Sports, Industrial/Product Designer in Sports, Motorsport engineer, Sports broadcaster and many more.


Assessment is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. We are following a continuous assessment system to ensure maximum learning effectiveness. The assessment objectives are classified into 1) Knowledge and Understanding, 2) Application of the concepts learned and 3) Performing skills. The theory is assessed continuously by a mixture of assessment strategies including essays, examinations, reports, portfolios and seminars. The practice is verified by your mentor and assessed through coursework. The assessment methods may change subject by subject.


Recently, SMRI has developed FORMULA EX, the unique pedagogy by combining LEARN – PLAY – WORK – INVENT, the basic foundation of FORMULA 1 RACING. SMRI’s Pedagogy Development Team which includes Industry Experts, Subject Experts, Instruction Designers, Teachers and Alumni has successfully integrated the 4 elements of FORMULA 1 into SMRI’s academic system and developed the trial version of FORMULA EX in 2018. After trials and errors, SMRI developed a new pedagogy named ‘FORMULA EX’ (Formula for Excellence) in November 2019 and implemented it for the 2020 January batch.

Certification Requirements

  1. Completion of all subjects
  2. 85% attendance
  3. 50% marks in theory exams and 60% in practical exams
  4. Must have completed 100% coursework
  5. Successful completion of the internship
  6. Adherence to SMRI norms, guidelines and deadlines

Fee & Other Details

Please contact our Learning Manager @ +91 8891675259


Sports perfectly blended with Engineering. Quick Start your sporty career with our world-class skill development certification courses. Join today.



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