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January 3, 2024
12 Months


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Sports Psychology

Even Superheroes Need Mental Support

Years back Diego Maradona made a revelation “Messi a leader? You can’t call someone a leader who goes to the bathroom 20 times before every game. It’s useless to make a leader of a guy like that.” What is wrong with going to the bathroom 20 times? It’s common due to anxiety and stage fright. But, what you do to manage it is important.

Recently Virat Kohli revealed that he suffered from depression and what he did to overcome it. It shows the significance of Sports Psychologists in the sports domain. Not only athletes but the coaches, referees and even the team managers need the support of sports psychologists to keep them cool during hot games without seizing the fire in their belly. Unluckily, we have very less qualified Sports Psychologists to cater to our needs.

SMRI introduces one of the most advanced sports psychology courses, PG DIPLOMA IN SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY to cater to the world’s need for highly qualified SPORTS PSYCHOLOGISTS.


Sports psychology is a proficiency that uses psychological knowledge and skills to address the optimal performance and well-being of athletes, developmental and social aspects of sports participation and systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations. One of the roles of a sports psychologist is to work with athletes, to teach them how to perfect their mental skills to improve their performance.

When compared to other careers, a sportsperson’s career has immense pressure. Their performance is witnessed by thousands of viewers in the gallery and millions of audiences all over the world. They are encumbered by the burden of expectations, and this stress can adversely affect their performance. Also, news, gossip and criticisms about them can impose a heavy levy on them. A sports psychologist can help them tackle such situations effectively and successfully.


PG Diploma in Sports Psychology (PGDSP) introduces you to the field of sports psychology by providing a broad overview of the major topics in the area. This course covers all the psychological skills and techniques that are used to support athletes in delivering their peak performance. This course will train you to successfully work with athletes, coaches and referees, from amateur to the elite level.

If you are a coach or physical education teacher who wants to be an elite coach, PG Diploma in Sports Psychology will give you great insights into the minds of athletes and also tips on guiding them to deliver performance even beyond their perceived abilities.

If you are a graduate in psychology or related subjects, a specialisation in Sports Psychology through PGDSP will help you become a celebrity psychologist. You can help athletes, coaches, managers and many others meet their psychological needs, especially those related to performance.

If you are a graduate with a passion for sports and love to help others, a PG Diploma in Sports Psychology is the best choice to land into the right career, Sports Psychology.


Any degree


12 months


Ernakulam & Hybrid Mode

Course Outline

PSP101 Introduction to Psychology
PSP102 Principles of Sports Management
PSP103 Sports and Exercise Psychology
PSP104 Developmental Psychology
PSP105 Motor Learning and Motor Skill Acquisition
PSP106 Cognitive Psychology in Sports

PSP107 Social Psychology in Sports
PSP108 Psychometric and Psycho Diagnostics
PSP109Intervention Strategies and Sports Behavior
PSP110 Communication Skills
PSP111 Project Work

(Contents of the programme may change frequently to adhere to our Quality Policy and Research process to make the course best suited to the industry demands)


SMRI follows FORMULA EX, a unique pedagogy developed by the experts of SMRI. This pedagogy is developed based on the learnings from FORMULA1 RACING, the world’s topmost motorsport championship. LEARN – PLAY – WORK – INVENT, the basic foundation of FORMULA 1 RACING. SMRI’s Pedagogy Development Team which includes Industry Experts, Subject Experts, Instruction Designers, Teachers and Alumni has successfully integrated the 4 elements of FORMULA 1 into SMRI’s academic system and frequently introduces new versions of the FORMULA EX (Formula for Excellence). The Present version is AI-enabled FORMULA EX 24.


Assessment is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. We are following a continuous assessment system to ensure maximum learning effectiveness. The assessment objectives are 1) Knowledge and Understanding, 2) Application of the concepts learned and 3) Performing skills. 

Certification Requirements

  1. Successful completion of all subjects
  2. 85% attendance
  3. Must have completed 100% coursework
  4. Successful completion of the internship
  5. Adherence to SMRI norms, guidelines and deadlines

Fee & Other Details

For more information on admission and career prospects, please contact our Student Support Team @ +91 8891675259

Be a successful sports psychologist and help the superheroes with our world-class skill development certification courses. Join today.

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