Maximum Internships

Our students get a minimum of 8 internships during an academic year. Internships in different sports, different companies and different roles equip our students to quick start in any job profile. The majority of companies which offered internships turned out to be employers!!

Most of our students start their paid internships within 70 days of their course commencement. Now, you can start your paid internship on the second day of your admission.


  • There are 3 categories of internship- (1) interim internships, (2) internal Internships and (3) final Placement Internships.
  • Interim internships shall be allowed based on the requirement of different companies and organizations.
  • Students must participate in all the internships as instructed by their placement/course coordinator. Since internships are the opportunity to enhance employability, students must exhibit 100% professional behaviour during all the internships.
  • Students do not have the choice to skip the interim or internal internships due to personal dislikes.
  • Successful completion of placement internship is compulsory for the successful completion of the course. Students must approach their dream companies well in advance for internships with the support of the placement office.
  • If your desired employers are not responding positively, students must accept the available opportunity for placement internship to complete the course on time.
  • A student would have both paid and unpaid internships during the tenure of the course. A student cannot avoid unpaid internships.