The world is changing as fast as technology changes. Our phones, watches and computers get updated very frequently. Models of cars, home appliances and personal gadgets change very often. But what about our education system which should be the one important pillar of human progress?

In 2024, we are still debating on the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020. It took years to prepare the policy and will take another few years to implement the policy. So our kids belong to an expired education system. When the world changes in the speed of a fast Formula 1 racing car, our education system changes at a snail’s speed.

FORMULA EXAI is the world’s most advanced and dynamic pedagogy, which keeps updating per the relevant social, economic and technological requirements. The experts of the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) developed the FORMULA Ex pedagogy based on the learning from FORMULA 1 racing the world’s top motorsports tournament and the major catalyst of the automobile industry.


How can the idea behind Formula 1 racing support education during and after COVID-19? The educators of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), the premier sports education research and training institute in Asia have developed a new pedagogy based on the learnings from FORMULA ONE RACING, the world’s topmost motorsport.

In 2013, while studying motorsports, Sijin BT, the sports management guru and the founder of the SMRI realized that the foundation of Formula One is constructed on four invisible basic elements. They are LEARN-PLAY-WORK-INVENT. Each of the teams applies a variation of this magic proportion of four elements as per their organizational culture. There is a lot an ordinary human being could learn from this formula.

When the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) started in 2014, these 4 elements were adopted as the key foundations of SMRI‘s academic system. SMRI curriculum was prepared based on these elements. After four years of trial and error, SMRI developed a new pedagogy named ’FORMULA EX’ (Formula for Excellence) in November 2019 and implemented it for the 2020 January batch.


The Formula Ex was a huge success. Students came up with great ideas such as professional 3-wheeler racing, the Labour Games and the Winter Games on Road. The project 3-Wheeler Racing was officially inaugurated on March 10 2020. But the COVID-19, pandemic made our progress sluggish.

Again Formula 1 came for the support. Two excellent lessons from Formula 1 are “Surprise at every turn” and “Innovate, there is always a way to be better”. These lessons inspired the educators of SMRI and helped them to come out with a better strategy for learning during COVID-19. The new pedagogy was named FORMULA EX19, with the tagline ‘Face it and Win it’. The new pedagogy was prepared based on the following principles.

Now we are living in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI). SMRI’s hunger for having the best and for being the best led to the development of FORMULA EXAI, the new version of FORMULA EX powered with AI. All the courses offered by SMRI are now based on FORMULA EXAI pedagogy. We are happy to present FORMULA EX+AI for your critical review and are open to continuous improvement. Thank You!!

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