Terms & Conditions

  1. You have to read all the documents related to the courses, programmes and projects before taking admission or participating or associating with us
  2. In the case of minors, consent of parents or guardians or the school authorities are essential
  3. All our courses, programmes and projects involve sports activities of various nature
  4. All the photographs, videos and audio captured related to the activities are the properties of the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) and they shall be published in various media channels for the benefit of the public and for the promotion of SMRI and the causes we endorse without your permission of any kind
  5. You can discontinue any course, programme or project at any stage with a prior written request and by following the discontinuation process
  6. You can rejoin any course, programme or project by paying a rejoining fee if the position is vacant and with the consent of the project head