Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) believes in “DO WHAT WE PREACH & PREACH WHAT WE DO”. SMRI initiates many ventures to help students to learn things by doing. The major ventures of SMRI are listed below.

  1. TRAVANCORE ROYALS FOOTBALL CLUB– India’s first fans-owned football club started by our students in Thiruvananthapuram
  2. SCHOOL OF SENIORS– The world’s first scientifically designed school for the elders
  3. SMRI PERFORMANCE RESEARCH CENTRE– We offer professional sports psychology support to all levels of athletes, coaches, referees, artists, professionals and others who need to maximize their performance in career and business.
  4. HOLY GRACE SPORTS ACADEMY– Holy Grace Sports Academy is a world-class multi-sports academy that aims to create world-class sports stars from India in various sports such as football, boxing, swimming, water polo, volleyball, basketball and sports climbing.