Our nation initiated skill development programmes to enhance the employability of our educated youth by eliminating the skill gaps. The modern generation requires basic skills to continue with their preferred sector but there is also a gap between the skills that already possess and the other ones which are demanded by the industries. Skill development programmes impart the skills which are demanded by the industries.

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is a pioneer in skill development education in India. Our courses are designed and developed by a team of professional instructional designers, teachers and experts from the different domains of sports by forecasting the future demands of the sports industry. Our courses are mainly accredited by the Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE), the Skill Development Mission of the Government of Kerala under the Department of Labour and Skills.

Our courses are focused on the successful delivery of KSA3 (Knowledge, Skills, Aptitude, Ability & Attitude), the 5 important elements required to become a world-class professional in their domain. A successful education system successfully imparts the knowledge, skills, aptitude, ability and attitude required to perform a job righteously.

If you are passionate about sports and ready to quick start your sporty career, SMRI is an excellent choice. You go through the various courses SMRI offers, talk to our Student Support Team and decide the right course to pursue your passion.