The need for sports management was evident in 1957, when Walter O’Malley, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, wrote,

“I ask the question, where would one go to find a person who by virtue of education has been trained to administer a marina, race track, ski resort, auditorium, stadium, theatre, convention or exhibit hall, a public camp complex, or a person to fill an executive position at a team or league level in junior athletics such as Little League baseball, football, scouting, CYO, and youth activities, etc.” (Mason, Higgins, & Wilkinson, 1981, p. 44)

O’Malley’s question was posed to Dr Clifford Brownell, a professor at Columbia University, and later conveyed by Dr Brownell to his doctoral student, Dr James Mason, who led the development of one of the first sports management programs in the United States at Ohio University in 1966.

The scope of the sports industry is never limited to athletes, coaches and sports goods manufacturers. The sports industry offers great jobs like Sports Agent, Club Manager, League Manager, Sports Development Manager, Sports Facility Manager, Sports Marketing Manager, Sports Analyst and many more. All these jobs are highly rewarding and exciting. Passion for sports and good business acumen are the basic qualities a sports management professional requires.

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