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January 3, 2024
12 Months


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Sports facilities are integral to sports. These facilities make sports attractive, entertaining and enjoyable. Sports facility managers, sometimes called arena managers, stadium managers, general managers, or stadium operations executives, are responsible for the day-to-day operations of running and managing a sports facility.

One of the perks of the profession is the glamorous atmosphere that the job promotes; sports facility managers work to provide a unique environment for amateur and professional athletes, sometimes even celebrities and other performers. Although their work most often is behind-the-scenes, they may have indirect or direct contact with high-profile personalities who perform in large venues. Sports facility managers usually work in clean, comfortable offices. Their work often involves other activities, such as construction, so they may also spend a great deal of time on construction sites and in trailers, supervising the construction of a new facility.

People need sports facilities for exercise and entertainment. The demand for Sports Facility Managers is high due to the increasing demand for sports facilities. Well-trained sports facility managers are the need of the day for managing sports facilities effectively and to help the investors to get back the return on investment. Since none of the institutions in India is offering Sports facility management courses, it is highly necessary to train a good number of sports facility managers in India to manage the existing and upcoming Indian sports facilities.


By comprehending the present and future domestic and international requirements of sports facility management professionals at the different levels of management, the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), a pioneer in sports management and sports engineering research and education in India has decided to introduce CERTIFIED SPORTS FACILITY MANAGER (CSFM) course with the accreditation of Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE).

CERTIFIED SPORTS FACILITY MANAGER (CSFM) will give training to sports enthusiastic youngsters to become successful Sports Facility Managers. Today, most sports facility managers are coming from different educational backgrounds and ignorance of sports business and ignorance of the specific requirements of different sports events make their job difficult and frustrating. Many sports facilities fail to touch breakeven, because of untrained facility managers. Many sports facility managers give up their jobs or struggle to climb the career ladder due to the absence of the right skills and knowledge. CERTIFIED SPORTS FACILITY MANAGER (CSFM) will provide the upskilling opportunity for existing sports facility managers.


Any degree


12 months


Ernakulam & Hybrid

Course Outline

CSFM 101 Principles of Management
CSFM 102 Principles of Sports Management
CSFM 103 Basic Accounting & Finance Management
CSFM 104 Construction Management
CSFM 105 Property Management
CSFM 106 Club Management
CSFM 07 Sports Facility Management
CSFM 108 Sports Marketing
CSFM 109 Event Management
CSFM 110 Sports Engineering
CSFM 111 Sports Facility Standards
CSFM 112 Professional Experience (Internship and Industry Project)

(Contents of the programme may change frequently due to our Quality Policy and Research process in order to make the course best suited to the industry demands)


Assessment is an ongoing process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. We are following a continuous assessment system to ensure maximum learning effectiveness. The assessment objectives are classified into 1) Knowledge and Understanding, 2) Application of the concepts learned and 3) Performing skills. The theory is assessed continuously by a mixture of assessment strategies including essays, examinations, reports, portfolios and seminars. The practice is verified by your mentor and assessed through coursework. The assessment methods may change subject by subject.


Recently, SMRI has developed FORMULA EX, the unique pedagogy by combining LEARN – PLAY – WORK – INVENT, the basic foundation of FORMULA 1 RACING. SMRI’s Pedagogy Development Team which includes Industry Experts, Subject Experts, Instruction Designers, Teachers and Alumni has successfully integrated the 4 elements of FORMULA 1 into SMRI’s academic system and developed the trial version of FORMULA EX in 2018. After trials and errors, SMRI developed new pedagogy named ‘FORMULA EX’ (Formula for Excellence) in November 2019 and implemented it for the 2020 January batch.

Certification Requirements

  1. Completion of all subjects
  2. 85% attendance
  3. 50% marks in theory exams and 60% in practical exams
  4. Must have completed 100% coursework
  5. Successful completion of the internship
  6. Adherence to SMRI norms, guidelines and deadlines

Fee & Other Details

For more information on admission and career prospects, please contact our Student Support Team @ +91 8891675259


Get the Skills to Win the game of sports facility management with our world-class skill development certification courses. Join today.



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