What is TEA?

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), the premier sports research and training institute in India kick-started its innovative pedagogical tool TEA (The Express Association) in 2019. TEA is a platform for engaging dialogues, inspiring students to express their selves with a positive and confident air.

TEA is very popular among our students as an effective method to enhance confidence to express, network and lead.


Suresh Patali wrote in the Khaleej Times, “It’s this much-mocked chayakkada (tea stall) legacy that made the Malayali what he is today — educated, enlightened, politically hydrated and newspaper-friendly. It’s this legacy that helped set up the first elected communist government in the world. It’s this legacy that helped launch the state to the status of being the most literate in India. It’s this legacy that gave us great leaders and orators. It’s this legacy that taught a generation to dream.”


TEA CLUB is a ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ speakers’ club developed by SIJIN B T (Sports & Management Research Institute), MUHAMED P HASHIM, NEETHU KRISHNA (NUR SKILLS) and SYED IBRAHIM (MILLION HABITS).

We promote TEA clubs in schools, colleges, offices and the community to help everyone to express their selves positively and confidently in an increasingly competitive world. Communication skills are important in surviving scenarios like interviews, group discussions, presentations, negotiations and networking.

TEA Difference

TEA is different from clubs such as Toastmasters in many ways. TEA is structured on the basic principles of small talk. Here, no one will be evaluated based on their communication skills or quality of ideas. It is an open platform for expressing ideas without any fear. It is free and open to all. There is no competition and no winners. TEA encourages members to appreciate their own style and improve it through introspection.

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