Holy Grace Sports Academy is a world-class multi-sports academy that aims to create world-class sports stars from India in various sports such as football, boxing, swimming, water polo, volleyball, basketball and sports climbing. Holy Grace Sports Academy is designed, developed and managed by the SMRI SPORTS SCHOOLS. Holy Grace Sports Academy is different from the traditional sports academies of India in many ways.

Students who wish to be sports stars or wish to pursue a promising career in the sports domain will benefit greatly from our sports coaching programs. Our academy is working based on the principles of ‘5S of Super Champions’, developed by the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) and sports experts under the leadership of Sijin Bt, renowned sports management guru, business coach and the founder of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI)




Our academy students will get high-level football coaching as well as maximum football competitions. Our intensive and integrated training program has been specially designed to enhance every individual’s game and personality.


  1. Modern coaching methodology and technology

The application of modern sports technology tools such as GPS tracking and various sports analytic tools offers accurate information to identify the right skills and decide the right coaching for a growing sports star. Our coaching methodology is developed based on the learnings from the world’s top sports academies and by considering Indian realities.

  1. Advanced psychological training

We use advanced sports psychology tools to make every player smart enough to be super champions. Our sports psychologists support players to be mentally and emotionally healthy in and out of the field.

  1. Application of modern athletic performance science

Our modern athletic performance scientists such as sports nutritionists and high-performance coaches prescribe individualized diet and exercise to ensure the right food and exercise every athlete required for super performance.

  1. Advanced Facilities

We have the best sports facilities which are essential to developing super champions such as swimming pool, gymnasium, adventure training, massage rooms etc. These facilities offer the best coaching input with the right pre- and post-workout/match body conditioning.

  1. A great team of sports experts

When most of the academies in India are running with a single coach, our academy has a great team of sports experts mentioned below to support our expert coaches to mould world-class sports stars with appropriate support and interventions. This helps players to get injury-free, long and consistent high performance throughout their careers.

    • Sports psychologists
    • Sports nutritionists
    • Sports physiotherapists
    • Sports doctors
    • Sports engineers
    • Fitness trainers
    • Sports analysts
    • Sports management professionals
  1. Multi-sports and ‘late specialization’ approach

Our academy encourages players to engage in different sporting activities other than their specialized sports to get physical, mental and tactical skills related to other sports which are beneficial to the players in excelling in their specialized sports.

The below graphic shows the skills a footballer gets from engaging in different other sports

Our academy gives many other games and activities like beach games and beach training to give our players maximum future advantage.

  1. Maximum match experiences

When an elite international footballer plays around 50+ matches a year, an Indian footballer plays a maximum of just 25 to 30 matches a year and that reflects in their ability to compete and win matches. So, we give maximum match experience to our players at par with international standards to ensure maximum competency to compete and win in any kind of environment. We also offer maximum sporting hours without interrupting academics.

  1. Language training

We teach functional English and other foreign languages such as Spanish, German, Arabic and French to empower our players to explore opportunities in foreign leagues and to effectively communicate with co-players, opponents and media. We also give training in dramatics to explore the maximum opportunities in public appearance and advertisements.

  1. Focus on academic performance

Internationally student-athletes outperform normal students in academic performance. But in the Indian educational environment, sometimes student-athletes didn’t get the right support to perform well in academics. So, we support our student-athletes to achieve the best in academics through appropriate interventions.

  1. Creating Opportunities

Millions of Indian kids are learning football today to be the Messi and Ronaldo of tomorrow in thousands of football academies across India. But we have a few professional football clubs to give them the chance to play professional football.

Holy Grace Sports Academy is part of a network of school-level, college-level and professional-level football clubs, that ensure maximum opportunities for our academy players at different levels of their careers.

  1. Lifelong Support

We offer lifelong career support to our players. If they succeed as a super champion or failed due to poor performance or any other reasons, we support them to rehabilitate and to get a better career in other sports domains such as Sports management and sports coaching.

  1. ‘FIRST FANS’ Training Programmes

“Parents are the first fans of their kids, especially mothers”- Sijin Bt & Dr Indulekha in ‘Game Plan to Win Football World Cup’

Our kids need psychological support such as appreciation, pacification and motivation from their parents to succeed in sports and life. During the formative years, athletes need nutritious food. Due to the ignorance of parents and children about the right nutrition, our kids miss the fuel and lubrication required for them to perform the best and long.

Our ‘FIRST FANS’ training programmes are designed to guide parents about the right psychological and nutritional support their kids need and to address the concerns of the parents regarding their kid’s development.



We would be delighted to help you to know more about our academy.

Our selection process aims not to select the best performers and to reject the poor performers. Our selection trials aim to identify the level of skills in every applicant and to decide the best coaching plan for each based on their skills, abilities and future prospects.

Admission will be based on the trials and the personal interview with the kids and their parents. Kids, parents and the academy must enter into an informal ‘memorandum of understanding’, which focuses on the dreams of the kids and the desired commitments from the academy, parents and students.

Please contact our Academy team to know more about our admission process!! Contact Number: 8138005259