School of Seniors (60teen) is the world’s first scientifically designed school for the elders.

The School of Seniors operates based on a specially designed anti-ageing intervention program called 60teen, which helps improve the quality of ageing by controlling many of the complications of ageing such as memory loss. 60teen has been developed by the experts of the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) under the leadership of Sports Management and Sports Psychology experts Sijin BT, Mridhula B Pai and Nimra Zakir Hussain.

60teen enhances the quality of ageing through various activities such as learning new languages, arts and subjects and by being involved in sports, senior internships and research. 60teen employs a variety of creative and adventurous academic and non-academic activities to manage the mental, physical and cognitive problems that occur due to ageing. School of Seniors is also a social networking system to support seniors in achieving their unfulfilled dreams. Seniors will get the services of psychologists, nutritionists, beauticians, fashion designers and financial planners from the School of Seniors.

Every year, the participants will get a Senior Diploma in a new interesting subject till they leave learning.

Why should you join the ‘School of Seniors’?

  1. If you think about doing something new, crazy and adventurous after your retirement
  2. If you want to fulfil your unfulfilled dreams
  3. If you want to do something that you believe you can’t do
  4. If you want to stay young and don’t want to grow old

Refer to the following to know what our seniors did after their ‘retirement’

How the School of Seniors is going to help you?

  1. The School of Seniors is a professional support system consisting of experts from various fields such as management, psychology, nutrition, grooming, sports, fitness and medicine
  2. The School of Seniors is a school kind of ‘military system’ which will ‘force’ you to do so many things which you don’t like to do such as exercise and follow a diet.
  3. The School of Seniors offers various activities and does various interventions to keep you engaged, entertained and empowered.
  4. The School of Seniors is a network of good people who will work with you to realize your dreams!!
  5. 60Teen, the pedagogy will keep you young and fit and will enhance the quality of your old age!!

Refer to the following to learn how the School of Seniors works

School Address


Renewable Energy Centre Mithradham,

Chunangamveli, Aluva, Ernakulam, 683112


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