College Sports Leagues in Kerala

College Sports Leagues in Kerala

The Kerala government is considering bringing professional sports leagues at the college level. A special committee will soon be formed to prepare the implementation plan. Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) presented the proposal of the US Model College Sports Leagues at the International Sports Summit Kerala (ISSK 2024).


Since 2020, SMRI has been working to start the US Model College Sports Leagues in India. Sijin B T (Founder of SMRI) and Dr Indulekha R wrote a book ‘STUDY IN INDIA: HOW COLLEGE SPORTS CAN CHANGE INDIAN CAMPUS‘ to promote the concept of college sports leagues. This book well describes the college sports leagues in the USA and Canada and how India can initiate it.

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In 2023-24, SMRI initiated the formation of the College Sports Association to promote college sports leagues in Kerala.


In 2024, SMRI piloted the first-ever Indian College Sports Game Day under the leadership of Raseena Iqbal


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