India has been a great knowledge hub since its inception. In the past, India had great learning centres like Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramshila and Vallabhi. These temples of knowledge produced many great scholars and they made inspiring contributions to the different knowledge domains.

India taught the world to teach. Gurukula system, Panchatantra and Tirukkural are India’s great contributions to the education domain.

India was the masters in architecture, town planning, medicine, astronomy, mathematics and philosophy.

India explored the science and arts of everything like cosmic and eternal life, music, acting, sex, teaching and administration.

India contributed many organized sports to the world such as badminton, polo, table tennis, archery, wrestling and chess. India was the craddle of many ball games such as football and dodgeball.

However, due to foreign invasions and many other reasons, the Indian learning system lost its charm. In the past foreigners came to India for learning. But every year, thousands of Indian students leave India to study abroad. India needs to transform its education system to give our students a better learning experience and better prospects.

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is introducing the ‘Study in India’ movement to make India a favourite learning destination. This movement has two major objectives;

  • Design, develop and use innovative learning methodologies and technologies to make learning simple and productive.
  • Support/ lead/ guide the development of various industries and knowledge domains to ensure maximum opportunities for our students to use their talents and excel

What we did


SMRI is the premier research, education and training institute in the sports domain. We have developed ‘FORMULA EX’, an innovative pedagogy based on the learnings from FORMULA 1 racing. This ‘Make in India’ pedagogy makes learning simple, easy and productive. This pedagogy can be used in other knowledge domains also.


SMRI has designed FORMULA EX to deliver KSA3 (Knowledge, Skills, Aptitude, Ability & Attitude), the 5 important elements required to become a world-class professional in their domain. A successful education system successfully imparts the knowledge, skills, aptitude, ability and attitude required to perform a job righteously. SMRI shares its know-how to make KSA3-based education systems with others.

We define & refine world sports

SMRI is leading the development of the sports industry in India through various interventions. Apart from that, SMRI is a leader in world sports, which challenges existing knowledge and develops new knowledge. Click here to learn more about SMRI’s contributions to the sports industry and sports domain.

If you want to know more about FORMULA EX pedagogy, KSA3 and would like to be involved in the STUDY IN INDIA movement, please write to