Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) is the promoter of the USA model college sports in India. College Sports is a very big business in the USA and Canada, sometimes bigger than professional sports. It makes big revenue and gives employment to millions.

In India, governments/colleges are spending money on college sports without generating any revenue. College Sports Leagues are benefitted to colleges in many ways.

– New Revenue Opportunity
– Resources to maintain & develop sports infrastructure
– Resources for research and other developmental activities
– Branding
– 100% admissions, Fewer drop-outs & 100% placements
– SportUps (sports startups) in every college

Since 2020, SMRI has been working to start the college sports industry in India.

The book ‘STUDY IN INDIA- HOW COLLEGE SPORTS CAN CHANGE INDIAN CAMPUS’ written by Sijin Bt, the founder of SMRI and Dr Indulekha R, his wife and management expert heralds the beginning of the college sports industry in India and the journey of SMRI in college sports.


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