Are you 60+ with crazy dreams, then 60+ DREAM SUMMIT is a golden opportunity for you to realize your crazy dreams and fulfil your bucket list. If you have dreams, which are labelled as ‘insane’,  ‘impracticable’ and ‘non-viable’ by your kith, kin and banks, then share them in front of a team of good people […]

Project Inauguration

School of Seniors, the world’s first scientifically designed school for senior citizens, opens in Ernakulam. The School of Seniors operates based on a specially designed anti-ageing intervention program called Proteen, which helps improve the quality of ageing by controlling many of the complications of ageing such as memory loss. Proteen has been developed by the […]


Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), the premier sports research, training and education institution in India is introducing the  SUPER FANS contests to recognize and appreciate the commitment and contributions of fans in the development of their football club. The first in this series is the ‘INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE SUPER FANS CONTEST’  Last Date: 28 […]

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