Football Entrepreneurship Programme

Football Entrepreneurship Programme

What are the common features of football world cup winning nations?

  1. Big professional football clubs
  2. Strong professional football league system
  3. Maximum match experience for the players
  4. Opportunities for footballers to play in domestic and foreign leagues

Problems of Indian football

India, a nation with 130 crore people has only 23 professional clubs (ISL & I-League teams). But England, a nation with just 5.6 crore people has 92 full-time professional clubs. Remember most of the Indian professional football teams are not full-timers!!

India does not have a proper football league system.

How India can win the football world cup?

India needs hundreds of professional football clubs to create world-class footballers, who are capable of winning the Football World Cup for India.

If you are ready to start a football club, the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) will support you with our Football Entrepreneurship Programme.

Football Entrepreneurship Programme

Most of the top football clubs are started by commoners such as students (Tottenham Hotspur), Athletico Madrid, Juventus), youth (Borussia Dortmund, Hertha BSC, FC Köln), workers (Arsenal, Coventry City, Millwall)   and businessmen (Liverpool, Chelsea, PSG, Torino). Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), the premier sports research, education and training institute is working to empower Indian students, youth, workers and businessmen to start professional football clubs through the Football Entrepreneurship Programme.

Football Entrepreneurship Programme offers the following life-long support to those individuals or organizations who are willing to start and manage a professional football club.

  1. Club formation
  2. Fund Raising
  3. Club Management
  4. Academy Management

If you are ready to start a football club, please call +91 8891994467 for more details.

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