Sporty Santa is a campaign initiated by the Sports Psychology Department of the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) to create awareness of the bad effects of stereotyping in society and personal life and to break all kinds of negative stereotyping.

We Indians believe that Indians like only cricket. Today majority of Indians like only cricket because they never experienced any other sport.

We believe ‘baldness is bad’. We believe dark skin is not fair. All these kinds of beliefs are the results of narrow thinking and lack of exposure.

Sporty Santa campaign tries to create awareness on the negative impact of such beliefs by creating a new Sporty Santa. When we think about Santa we normally get the images of red gown, long white beard, big belly and a walking stick. Please refer to the below image to learn about New Sporty Santa


According to the Coca-Cola company’s official blog, before the 1920s, Santa took various forms from a tall man to an unpleasant elf. The Santa of yesteryears even wore an animal skin and a bishop’s robe.

In 1923, the Coca-Cola Company got an artist to paint an early version of Santa Claus. The company did not find this Santa Claus as heart-warming as expected.

The company’s advertising account executive Archie Lee set to create a more wholesome and lovable version of Santa Claus. Enter artist Haddon Sundblom, who was commissioned by Coke in 1931 to paint a Santa Claus for their on-going “Thirst knows no season” advertising campaign.

The success of this campaign stereotyped the red Santas!!

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