Holy Grace Sports Academy is a world-class multi-sports academy that aims to create world-class sports stars from India in various sports such as football, boxing, swimming, water polo, volleyball, basketball and sports climbing. Holy Grace Sports Academy is different from the traditional sports academies of India in many ways.

Students who wish to be sports stars or wish to pursue a promising career in the sports domain will benefit greatly from our sports coaching programs. Our academy is working based on the principles of ‘5S of Super Champions’, developed by the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) and sports experts under the leadership of Sijin Bt, renowned sports management guru, business coach and the founder of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI).

Holy Grace Sports Academy is a part of SMRI SPORTS SCHOOLS, innovative sports schools designed, developed and managed by SMRI. These sports schools/academies are managed by SMRI students under the guidance of experienced sports professionals

Please contact our Academy team to know more about our admission process!! Contact Number: 8138005259

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