Asli Indian is a Fans owned Community sports club which was established with the objective of providing a world-class sporting experience to our community in terms of participation and belonging. The community can engage in sports for Entertainment, Exercise, Employment, Empowerment and Engagement by being an owner of the Asli Indian Community Sports Club.

Asli Indian sports events are highly entertaining as it covers most of the global standard fan experience aspects while delivering physical, emotional and intellectual benefits of sports. Asli Indian will create ample opportunities for sports lovers of our community to engage, experience and excel in sports.

Our Sports

  1. Football
  2. Volleyball
  3. Water Sports
  4. Motor Sports
  5. Mass Sports
  6. Heritage Sports

Origin of Asli Indian

Asli Indian Community Sports Club is originated from the campus of Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI), the premier sports research and training institute of India. India’s first fans-owned football club, Travancore Royals Football Club is also originated from the SMRI campus. Most of the top clubs of today were formed as community sports clubs by serving their community through meaningful sports interventions.

Sporting Activities

Asli Indian Owners Cup


The club will organize Asli Indian Owners Cup every month for the owners of the club. The different teams formed for the owners of the Asli Indian can participate in these monthly tournaments. These tournaments will ensure the maximum sporting experience for our owners. (Asli Indian Owners Cup January Edition, Asli Indian Owners Cup February Edition etc)

Asli Indian Community Shield


The club will organize Asli Indian Community Shield every month for the local clubs or teams which are Associate Members of the Asli Indian club. These tournaments will give maximum competition opportunities and exposure to budding athletes. It will make their journey to professional teams easy and fast. (Asli Indian Community Shield January Edition, Asli Indian Community Shield February Edition etc)

Community Run

The club will organize a biweekly Community Run for its owners to give our owners maximum sporting opportunities for fun, fitness and for making new friends.

Everyday Sports League (ESL)

The club will organize Everyday Sports League (ESL), a community sports league for different games such as Chess, Caroms, UNO etc for giving opportunities for our youth to engage in regular sporting activities for staying away from drugs and online gaming.

Benefits of being an Asli Indian Owner

  1. Regular Sporting opportunities for you and your family
  2. Be the owner of a great Indian legacy
  3. Be part of a world-class sports club making
  4. Free Basic Survival skill training
  5. Great way to meet new people and make lifelong friends
  6. Good for your overall wellbeing
  7. Chance to try something different
  8. You support community development and youth development

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