Everyday Sports League (ESL)

We blindly blame the new generation for being addicted to smartphones, online games, pornography and narcotics, for being physically and socially inactive and for being involved in illegal sporting activities like street racing. Who is the real culprit behind this serious problem? Our society itself.

Two different recent studies by Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) about online gamers and street racers asked one common question, “why do you engage in online gaming or street racing? The answer was the same. “Nothing else to do.” Indeed, most of our youngsters don’t have the opportunity to do what actually they wanted to do or what society expects our youngsters to ideally have to do.

The majority of our Kids and youngsters love to engage in physical sports and social networking. But most didn’t get a chance due to various reasons such as

  1. No parental permission to play or engage in social networking due to safety and academic reasons
  2. No sporting opportunities in schools, colleges and neighbourhood

The majority of the Kids and youngsters who love to engage in adventurous sporting activities like motor racing don’t have safe opportunities due to reasons such as

  1. No safe and protected adventure sporting facilities and competitions in our neighbourhood
  2. Difficulty to be part of expensive organized and regularized adventurous sporting activities like motorsports

It is the prime responsibility of society to create opportunities for our present generation and new generations ample opportunities for sporting and social networking to help them to live as our society wish.

As part of our mission to help our kids and youngsters to create opportunities for sporting and social networking SMRI plans to

  • Organize Community Sports Leagues such as Friday Chess Fever, Wednesday UNO Madness, Sunday Super Poker, Women’s Sporty Saturday etc to connect the local community through regularly organized sporting events
  • Explore the opportunities to arrange one motorsports circuit in every district under FMSCI standards and arrange safety gears for all racers
  • Initiate research under SMRI Sports Engineering Department to invent low-cost safety gears for motorsports


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