The rising number of deaths and severe injuries due to illegal motorbike races and stunts is a social problem now. Banning superbikes will not prevent or reduce illegal bike racing and bike stunts. Youth will alter the bikes for more speed. It will cause more crimes and casualties.  Illegal racing of autorickshaws with altered engines and carburettors is common in Chennai.

The project SPEED (S)KILLS initiated by the Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) based on the studies conducted by our experts suggests considering SPEED as a SKILL, not as a CRIME and to create adequate infrastructure and opportunities for our youth to exhibit their speed skills and to make living using their SPEED SKILLS. We can make it possible by constructing adequate motor racing tracks and by promoting motorsports. Many of the world’s most famous motor racing events had their origins in illegal racing events. We request all good-hearted organizations and people to work with us to help the speed-loving youth of India to track their talents on the right track to prevent and reduce illegal motor racing and motor stunts.


Please read the project report by clicking the below-given link and email your views to

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