Football Entrepreneurship Programme

What are the common features of football world cup winning nations? Big professional football clubs Strong professional football league system Maximum match experience for the players Opportunities for footballers to play in domestic and foreign leagues Problems of Indian football India, a nation with 130 crore people has only 23 professional clubs (ISL & I-League […]

Make Sports Associations Accountable & Responsible

Sports governing bodies in India always argue that the government should not interfere in the running of sports federations and associations, but ironically, they exist only with government grants. In Europe, sports governing bodies play the role of referees, while in India, sports governing bodies play all the key roles. In India, all the major […]

How do football associations destroy football?

August 16 was the birthday of 2 great men who shaped today’s football. Ebenezer Cobb Morley, who established the world’s first & oldest football association (the Football Association) and Patrick Nally, who made FIFA rich through enormous corporate sponsorship deals. The world’s first football association was established with the object of establishing a definite code […]

Watersports Business Meet

Stakeholders and watersports enthusiasts met during the WATERSPORTS BUSINESS MEET- KOCHI organized by the Sports & Management Research Institue (SMRI) to frame strategies to make Kerala the watersports hub of India. Participants shared their ideas, suggestions and concerns regarding the watersports business and decided to move together for the best of the watersports industry.

SMRI legacy in promoting heritage games

Central Government’s decision to include 75 traditional games in Khelo India project is an excellent boost for the growth of our many neglected traditional games. Our sports administrators or governments, and even people were not keen on the importance of our traditional (indigenous) games. When we focused on the Olympic games we forgot our traditional […]

Chinese Invasion in Sports

Chinese Invasion in Sports When we were students, we learned England is the motherland of football. But, in 2014 when we were doing research to prepare study materials for our course “Origin of Sports and Sports Innovations”, we read that more than 2000 years ago football was played in ancient China. FIFA, the top governing […]


CAN ARTIFICIAL FOOTBALL PITCHES CAUSE CANCER? Just a few hours before, one of our Sports Engineering buddies (we call our students buddies) shared a disturbing news headline. “Ex NHS chief blames artificial 3G pitches for the death of his son.” News is from the United Kingdom. Lewis Maguire, 20, a goalkeeper from Darlington, passed away […]

HOW TO MAKE I-League profitable

HOW TO MAKE I-League profitable (STOP KNOCKING THE ISL DOOR) (Repost of the old article) I was a hard-core KERALA POLICE fan. But, when the Kerala Police team was dismantled I started loving Mohun Bagan, the national club of India. It’s really painful for a loyal fan like me to see MOHUN BAGAN impatiently knocking […]

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