College Sports Leagues in Kerala

The Kerala government is considering bringing professional sports leagues at the college level. A special committee will soon be formed to prepare the implementation plan. Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) presented the proposal of the US Model College Sports Leagues at the International Sports Summit Kerala (ISSK 2024). BEHIND COLLEGE SPORTS LEAGUES Since 2020, […]

Kids to budding Managers

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) initiated SUCCESS PANCHTANTRA, a unique training programme this summer to teach our kids three important quotients our formal education system doesn’t teach our students. These quotients are Management Quotient, Psychological Quotient and Survival Quotient. The programme was led by Labeeb K Alavi, the corporate relations head of SMRI. During […]


Nuros Radio Controlled Car Racing League, the world’s first sports league of the kids organized by the kids and for the kids is getting ready at Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI). Nuros Radio Controlled Car Racing League aims to make India a science and technology superpower, especially in the automobile industry by identifying and […]

Never Stop Playing

Playing, or engaging in recreational activities has several benefits that directly or indirectly contribute to delaying ageing. Here are some ways in which playing helps maintain a youthful and healthy lifestyle during old age:   Physical Fitness: Many forms of play involve physical activity, such as sports, dancing, or even active games like tag or hide-and-seek. […]

Nature Friendly Sports

Nature is the world’s best playground. Humankind started playing with nature without hurting nature. Our ancestors played in nature’s lap, whether it was cricket, football, golf or any other game. But, when we civilized and technologically advanced, we started building big playgrounds and stadiums. Yes, it was the need of time. Apart from playing, we […]

Sports for Little People

Sports & Management Research Institute (SMRI) believes in the power of sports to change lives. SMRI will guide and support the “LITTLE People with BIG hearts and BIG dreams” in realising their dreams. Our SPORTS MANAGEMENT, SPORTS ENGINEERING & SPORTS SCIENCE experts will work for it. SMRI will work with the Little People with the […]

Football Entrepreneurship Programme

What are the common features of football world cup winning nations? Big professional football clubs Strong professional football league system Maximum match experience for the players Opportunities for footballers to play in domestic and foreign leagues Problems of Indian football India, a nation with 130 crore people has only 23 professional clubs (ISL & I-League […]

Make Sports Associations Accountable & Responsible

Sports governing bodies in India always argue that the government should not interfere in the running of sports federations and associations, but ironically, they exist only with government grants. In Europe, sports governing bodies play the role of referees, while in India, sports governing bodies play all the key roles. In India, all the major […]

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