Making Dappankuth a fitness progamme

Dappankuthu is a folk dance that is performed in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kuthu is an informal dance style without any structured steps. Sports Scientists of SMRI believe that Dappankuthu can be developed as a popular and exciting fitness programme like Zumba and Aerobics. Zumba is a fitness program that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance, which was founded by Colombian dancer and choreographer Beto Pérez in 2001. Aerobics was developed by Dr Kenneth H. Cooper, an exercise physiologist, and Col. Pauline Potts, a physical therapist of the United States Air Force.

The biggest advantage of kuthu is that it is a freestyle dance and therefore can be performed by anyone easily. Dappankuthu has the properties of cardio-vascular exercise and thousands of dappankuthu songs are available. Dappankuthu is also a great stress-reliever rather than an exercise.  SMRI aims to promote Dappankuthu globally as a ‘Make in India’ exercise by analysing its scientific properties.

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