Rickshaw Racing League (RRL) is a community sports league to promote professional sports leagues at the grassroots level for creating employment, revenue and entertainment.

RRL is the ultimate test of speed, strength and stamina. Riding 15 kilometres with approximate 200 kilograms of weight (2 co-riders and weight adjusters) will be a real test of speed, strength and stamina, and only the best can win.

M KARUNANIDHIthe great Indian leader and former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu banned the use of hand-pulled rickshaws and promoted Cycle Rickshaws by saying that Every Man is Born Equal.

To commemorate him and his revolutionary decision that changed the mindset of society, we plan to introduce RRL

Rickshaw Racing League will save the cycle rickshaws from extinction and will enhance the quality of work and lives of existing rickshaw walas.

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